Electruxxanimations is a 3D animation production consisting of a highly skilled team  working to give high quality animations.We offer quality animations for all types of industries and businesses.

Our motivation is the desire to make a difference,inspire creativity and take challenges to the highest level.

Our goal is to augment your marketing materials with 3D animations and realistic renderings for large audience reach.3D Animation is a powerful marketing tool that enhances presentation of a company’s product, concept and ideas to the potential clients, customers or investors. alongside blueprints, diagrams and verbal description, 3D animations delivers to the customers a complete three-dimensional photorealistic or artistically stylized representation of the final product that has not been built yet.Electruxxanimations pays close attention to the smallest details of your project,high level of professionalism and creativity. We will work with other Advertising Agencies,Gaming companies and Media Production Companies if they need 3D rendering or animation services.

We design and animate compelling visuals with a passion and excitement that we share with our clients.We are committed to customer service, reliability, and ultimately the production of high-quality deliverables all fields. We have worked for companies and individuals at international levels with quality outcomes.

Electruxxanimations’ animation pipeline enables easy workflow from start to finish.

The animation process starts with script writing-voice recording-character design/modeling-texturing-rigging controls-scene setup-animating via blocking-smoothen animation in betweens-rendering-post production.

We ensure customer satisfaction by sending samples for review during each stage to enable early changes.


Electruxxanimations offers 3D animation services of all sorts for commercial or personal projects.We deal with animations for:

  • TV commercials
  •  Technical and industrial process illustrations
  • Medical agencies
  • Architectural design
  • Film productions
  • Educational videos
  • Whiteboard animations
  • Music animation
  • Real estate 3d design layouts
  • Automobile Service
  • Product illustration
  • Walkthrough animations
  • Computer games character design/animations