The Animation process

The animation process starts with:


We start by learning all about your project,organization and what the animation will be about.We will also receive any reference materials such as videos or images.These will assist us in script writing and storyboard design.

Selection of animation Style

Since we work in a variety of visual styles,we will need our client to select animation style that will suit the project being animated.These styles include Whiteboard animations, stickman animations for websites,2D animations,walk-through animation,3D animation with realistic characters or cartoon characters among others.


When the style is selected,we work as a team and come up with actions that will be displayed at each scene. We also design and model characters and assets to be used in the animation scene.

Voice over

After storyboard design,a voice-over artist is selected for audio recording of the characters voices.


We match some sketched poses and camera angles to the voice over or script to assist in final animation process.


We finally start the animation process where characters rigged are animated as per the storyboard and animatic with lip sync.


This is where the animated video is processed to images sequence for post-production.

The Animation process as described requires commitment and interaction between the client and the animation team to enhance completion of the project within the desired time period.

The time for completion ranges with the number of characters in the scene,number of scenes,length of the video,simulations required in the video,effects and type of characters.

Animating a quadruped creature with fur will take more time to render compared to a simple character eg.stick figure

All factors will be considered during  the initial stages of animation so we can deliver in time.

Kindly inquire on any stage that is not clear.